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FAQ / Delivery
What if I can't get to the rendez-vous point ?

If you have a setback, or are stuck somewhere, call us quickly or send us a message. Your order will be immerdiately refunded.

What of the delivery guy don't find me ?

No worries. Our delivery guy knows Paris and all of its locations like the back of his hands, and will call you to meet and deliver your box. Be sure your mobile phone is on and connected.

What if the location I chose is closed ?

No worries. Call us to tell if you prefer cancel your order, or better, enjoy your champagne in another location. Our delivery guy will wait for you there.

What if I don't finish my bottle of champagne

Your box contains a stopper especiialy made for champagne conservation. Adapted to the bottle and airtight, it'll help you take your bottle away while keeping all the bubbles.

What if there is a problem with the box, with a broken bottle or glass ?

No worries. Our delivery guy will give you the box and check with you that everything is in a perfect condition, and that your bottle of champagne is cool.

What if it's raining ?

Unfortunality, despite hard work, we couldn't get to handle the weather. Fortunately, there are 1724 hours of sun on average in Paris. It is very likely you'll find one to enjoy your romantic moment. And if not, you'll easily find a little shelter from the weather in the locations we selected.